Muslim Volunteers for New York, Inc. (MV4NY)

sweet dreams drive 2020

The drive runs from February 7th - February 16th, 2020

who benefits from this pajama and book drive?


Why pajamas?

A comforting and consistent bedtime routine is essential to children's health and the stepping stone to a good day.  MV4NY donates pajamas to Pajama Program to benefit children in foster care, inadequate or unsafe housing, children in homeless shelters or those who have suffered from domestic violence, or whose families struggle to make ends meet.


Why books?

Reading together with a caregiver, or even alone is a special time for children. It is an essential component in developing a safe and comforting night-time routine. Donate books to MV4NY's Sweet Dreams Drive to help children develop better bed time routines.


What can you do?

A live link will be provided on February 7th, 2020 to make online donations.

Brearley School families please support MV4NY in their Sweet Dreams Drive by 

bringing a new pair of pajamas and a new book to the Brearley Festival of Cultures and drop them in the designated bin. Muslim Volunteers for New York will collect all donated books and pajamas and deliver them to Pajama Program and Room to Grow, our partners in the Sweet Dreams Drive.

Files coming soon.